Desirée with an accent
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Expert transcreator specializing in marketing language in English and Spanish.



Translation + Creation

I got my start in the advertising industry as a transcreator. As part of a Hispanic ad agency, I was in charge of transcreating scripts and copy from our creative team for clients to understand, as well as transcreating copy provided by the clients for consumer-facing advertising.

Transcreation is different than simply translating copy. The process involves creative copywriting, so I worked very closely with the creative team to make sure the meanings and essence of the creative came through flawlessly. In the process I learned quite a bit of lingo, marketing strategy and value proposition from a variety of clients in different industries.

Below is a sample of clients I have done transcreations for. I still do transcreation on a freelance basis, so please feel free to contact me if you are ever in need of EN>SP and SP>EN transcreations.