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Montejo POCM + OOH


Point of Connection Materials (POCM) + OOH


Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABI) is the parent company of Grupo Modelo. As such, the company saw potential in importing and distributing one of Grupo Modelo's regional beers, Montejo, in the U.S. to compete with Modelo Especial (also a Grupo Modelo beer but Crown Imports has the distribution rights in the U.S.). As part of the LatinWorks team managing the launch, we created a campaign to position Montejo as the beer that literally brings Mexican authenticity to the U.S. (video below). After this successful launch, we developed the Maná campaign to further position Montejo as the authentic beer from Mexico.

ABI also has strong partnerships with Major League Baseball and Major League Soccer, which offered relevant passion points we leveraged for Montejo. The last campaign I worked one featured the Grupo Modelo brewmasters and was aimed to establish Montejo as the beer of choice of the guys that brew all the Grupo Modelo beers.

Challenge in a nutshell:

For each of these 360 campaigns, besides all the above-the-line elements and with Montejo being a new beer in town, we needed to produce a wide variety of elements for wholesalers to market the beer on- and off-premise each trimester. Additionally, since Montejo was only distributed in select markets, another challenge was to produce localized OOH that resonated with the target in a relevant and bold way.

OBJECTIVE in a nutshell:

Generate trial of Montejo as an alternative to Modelo Especial.

My role:

  • Assisted in TV pre-production and managed product photo shoot
  • Managed the trimester planning process, making well-grounded recommendations to the client (Brand Manager) and working closely with Anheuser-Busch's Trade Marketing team, to ensure the recommended POCM was in line with brand and procurement standards and vision
  • Managed OOH development, working closely with clients and production agency
  • In charge of development of custom elements for regional teams, leveraging assets from the Portland Timbers and Seattle Sounders (MLS teams) as well as the Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB team)
  • Conducted market visits to always stay in the know on competitive tactics and best practices
  • Ensured all assets were properly approved, legally cleared and trafficked for final production
  • Led the development of a comprehensive brand guidelines document
  • Created comprehensive competitive decks

Execution in a nutshell:

Launch - Used one of the most iconic elements of Mexico, a green "vocho", to literally bring Montejo into the U.S. We created a video series of the vocho collecting authentic Mexican elements all over Mexico and then bringing them to the U.S. along with Montejo. The idea was so well received that ABI purchased dozens of vochos for the distributors to use at Montejo events. The vocho became a mascot for the brand. Video below. We also had a photoshoot of the vocho in key cities in Mexico to leverage on POCM.

Maná - Click here

MLS and LA Dodgers - Created custom co-branded stadium elements as well as signage for on- and off-premise accounts.

Brewmasters - Made the beer feel more refined, with bold black, white and gold accents that elevated the creative. Elements included POCM and OOH.


For the launch, wholesalers purchased thousands of elements including display POCM, neons and glassware. Sales expectations were overwhelmingly surpassed. Consumers were trying Montejo en masse when the campaigns were live.

Creative EXAMPLES:

NOTE: Some images were taken using a mobile device during market visits, so quality is low.