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Portfolio Night

Portfolio Night

The World's Largest Advertising Portfolio Review


Portfolio Night is a fast-paced evening of advice, networking and recruitment that takes place all over the globe on the same day. Think of it as speed-dating for creatives. Ad agencies around the world sign up to host the event in their cities and they are in charge of all elements of the event, from inviting creative directors to review portfolios, to advertising the event for young creatives to buy tickets to attend this one-of-a-kind event.

Challenge in a nutshell:

Host the event in Austin with LatinWorks as the host agency.

Objective in a nutshell:

Establish LatinWorks as the Austin agency at the forefront of creative talent development and build prestige among agencies in Austin.

My role:

  • Executive producer of the event for four years 
  • Worked closely with the Portfolio Night entity to ensure all materials and livestreaming aspects were delivered and used appropriately 
  • POC for creative directors and university professors
  • Worked closely with venue, bands, sponsors, volunteers and vendors to ensure a flawless execution and efficient use of the budget
  • Managed the budget

Execution in a nutshell:

Each year it was done at a different venue to mix it up and keep it fresh. We invited creative directors from agencies around Austin to attend and worked closely with university professors to let their students know about the event. To promote the event, we distributed posters at key places frequented by creatives, leveraged the Austin Advertising Federation's email marketing, leveraged the agency's social media and placed ads in certain niche publications. The event always sold out. 

To keep attendees entertained while they awaited their turn, we had a DJ and a band, as well as a live t-shirt screen printing station, a step-and-repeat for photo ops, open bar and food, as well as sponsor booths.


Many creatives got hired on the spot or at least got interview offers and invaluable feedback from a wide range of creative directors. Creative directors always had a a great time networking with their peers and were always eager to participate the following year. The Austin Advertising Federation appreciated the agency's effort to bring such an event to the city and were more than willing to help promote it. 

EVent highlights: