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Vibes: A Night to Feel the Music

Ex Award Winner - Best Activation of a Cause Sponsorship/Community Tie-In


Austin is the "Live Music Capital of the World," but it's also home to one of the largest deaf and hard-of-hearing populations per capita in the U.S. In partnership with Domino's and the Texas School for the Deaf, we created a concert experience for teenagers to "feel" the music. 

Challenge in a nutshell:

Create a memorable concert experience for deaf and hard-of-hearing teens.

Objective in a nutshell:

Connect at a deep level with an underserved population and generate positive brand affinity.

My role:

  • Event producer and POC
  • Coordinated with the talent manager as well as the school to ensure we outfitted the event with elements that would help the kids "feel" the music
  • Managed the budget
  • Negotiated with vendors on production and delivery of elements

Execution in a nutshell:

Enlisted actor and Texas School for the Deaf alum Russell Harvard (of "Fargo") as the interpreter for the bands. We outfitted the venue with wooden floors that would help vibrations from the speakers reverberate from the bottom up. The sound was engineered in a different way, using low frequency speakers and a deeper bass. Also produced custom balloons and beach balls that attendees could press against the speakers to further feel the vibrations. Additionally, we had bracelets that lit up with sound, earplugs for attendees who were not deaf, posters for the kids to get autographed, and a photobooth experience to immortalize the evening. Tech-wise, we tested a prototype of a Bluetooth-enabled bracelet that vibrates with music. Also had a live social wall and livestream so that kids in other parts of the country could also be part of the experience. The pinnacle of the night was the delivery of dozens of pizzas courtesy of Domino's and a big check donation to the Texas School for the Deaf. 


The kids were astonished by the experience, expressing gratitude for an unbelievable night that actually helped them "feel" music for the first time. The school and parents were very thankful to Domino's and LatinWorks for putting the event together, thus generating a lasting brand appreciation with attendees and others through word of mouth.

The event was so noteworthy that it won the most prestigious award in event marketing, the Ex Award in the category of Best Activation of a Cause Sponsorship/Community Tie-In. It also won a Silver at FIAP and a Bronze at the U.S.H. Idea Awards.

activation highlights: